Dustin Jackson Wins Pro Street National Championship

25 October 2016 Ennis, TX- The NHRDA Pro Street class is one of the fastest and most exciting classes on the NHRDA Hot Shot's Secret Diesel Drag Racing Series but until January 2017 the trucks were limited to 8.50 per NHRA rules. When NHRA accepted a brand new SFI chassis cert at in January this year it would allowed the Pro Street trucks to run as low as 7.99 making the Pro Street class even faster.

Dustin Jackson, of Floresville Texas, came into the 2017 NHRDA Hot Shot's Secret Diesel Drag Racing Series season knowing that he didn't have to worry about holding his truck running under the 8.50 limit anymore. Dustin and his team started testing in late winter trying to a get a handle on a new tune as they prepared to attack the NHRDA Pro Street National Championship.

Jackson rolled into the Desert Diesel Nationals presented by Strictly Diesel just looking to see what the truck was capable of running and gaining more tuning information. In qualifying Jackson laid down the quickest and fastest NHRDA Pro Street run ever at 8.421 seconds at 159.63 mph. He then backed that NHRDA Pro Street World Record with an 8.492 seconds and 157.82 mph in the final round. Dustin left the Arizona sun with two new NHRDA Pro Street World Records, the trophy and the points lead. But Jackson hinted that the truck still had a lot more in it and that the NHRDA fans could still see some huge numbers.

At the Texas Diesel Nationals, Jackson and his team struggled a little bit and had troubles in qualifying and eliminations. He still got the win but he did say that they were going to need some more parts as they broke a driveshaft and a u-joint but he looked forward to the Oklahoma Diesel Nationals and getting back on track.

The Oklahoma Diesel Nationals showed the diesel industry that the NHRDA Pro Street competitors are some of the quickest and fastest trucks in the world. In qualifying Jackson laid down a huge run of 8.163 seconds at 166.56 mph! No one on property could believe that a Pro Street truck could run that fast. Then in the next run Lavon Miller and his Firepunk Diesel truck went even quicker and faster running 7.993 seconds at 174.75 mph. With both Jackson and Miller breaking the NHRDA Pro Street World Records it was all about who would leave Tulsa Raceway Park with the records and the trophy. In the final round all eyes were on Jackson and Miller. Jackson got off the line with a quicker reaction time and he never looked back. Jackson got the win but Miller went home with the NHRDA Pro Street World Records.

In the Winner's Circle Dustin made sure to thank everyone for helping him at the Oklahoma Diesel Nationals, "Hardway Performance, Fleece Performance, Dynomite Diesel Products and Air Dog. I had a little trouble after the first pass today and Lavon helped me out. I can't thank him enough. His truck runs top notch and everybody seen that today." Jackson was very happy to leave the Oklahoma Diesel Nationals with the trophy and the a huge national points lead going into the summer months of the NHRDA Hot Shot's Secret Diesel Drag Racing Series.

Going into the NHRDA World Finals Jackson knew that the competition level would be at the highest level it has ever been. Not only was Pro Street World Record holder Lavon Miller going to be there, but 2016 NHRDA Pro Street National Champion Ryan Milliken was also racing at the Texas Motorplex. Jackson would have his hands full because any three of those competitors could take home the NHRDA World Champion ring.

In qualifying Dustin was the first truck in the class to make a run. He left the line hard and the truck was running really good. When the scoreboard popped up with an 8.091 seconds and 170.36 mph the fans and the race crews went crazy. Dustin had just broken Lavon Miller's NHRDA Pro Street ET World Record. That run would give Dustin the #1 Qualifier position and a chance to back up the record.

Dustin would end up facing Lavon Miller in the final round but unfortunately Lavon had some mechanical issues and was unable to make the finals. Dustin had already clinched the National Championship and knew that he would be the 2017 NHRDA Pro Street World Champion but he wanted the record. He needed to run at least an 8.171 to back up his earlier run. Jackson did just that with an 8.105 in the finals. Jackson would leave the 2017 NHRDA World Finals with the trifecta of a World Championship, a National Championship and a new World Record.

Dustin was very happy with the way his truck had been running all year long, "…the truck ran good this year, I can't complain. It's been consistent and consistency wins. Everything went our way this year. I am very proud."

"I want to give a big thank you to Mindy for putting up with me and driving all over the country as we chased the National Championship."

Jackson will now look forward to 2018 and defending his NHRDA Hot Shot's Secret Diesel Drag Racing Series Pro Street National Championship and NHRDA World Championship next season.