ATS Diesels on the Mountain

Jefferson County Fairground & Bandimere Speedway
May 30 & 31, 2014

The ATS Diesels on the Mountain was a record breaking weekend and one thing we learned was never under estimate the weather and the mountain when you are in Colorado.

The Friday night sled pulls were almost cancelled after a storm decided to dump a 1/2 of inch of rain at 5 pm and when the lightning started up we also had to shut down the Dyno for safety, but the crazy Colorado weather did us a favor and the sun was back out and after 2 hours of non stop work on the track we made over 50 hooks. The highlight of the night was when Tom Hansen won the 3.0 class and regained the lead in the National points chase.

Saturday morning we woke up to clear and sunny skies and it was time for some drag racing and talk about a star studded line up in the staging lanes. We had National record holders in both Pro Street and Super Street classes on the premises but with the racetrack being a mile high we had to see who could get their tuning dialed in for the elevation. Complete event results click here...

Ryan "The Hard Way" Milliken
Pro Stock - Champion

Ryan "The Hard Way" Milliken is flat dominating the Pro Stock scene this year by adding his 5th straight win at DOTM, and it looks like he is on his way to his 1st ever National Championship Season. Brad Makinen "crew chief and owner" said they had to make several changes to their set up to accommodate for the 5800 foot elevation at Bandimere Speedway. Ryan ran an 8.91 to be the number one qualifier and in the finals he was matched up against Kevin Douglas from Calgary, Alberta in his 67 Chevy pro stock. Both drivers had issues as the lights came down and they both launched with hardly any boost but Ryan got the Dirty Max to recover and he ran a 10.71 to Kevin's 11.65 to take the win.

Congrats to Ryan and Team Dirty Max!

Jarid "The Iron Man" Vollmer
Pro Street - Champion

Vollmer the two time Pro Street National Champion has won every race he has entered into this season and headed to Bandimere Speedway with a commanding 130 points. Jarid's biggest challenge this weekend would be getting the proper set up for the elevation because he is used to racing at tracks that are way closer to sea level. Well, after 1st round of qualifying the question was answered that elevation would not hinder Vollmers performance as he ripped off an 8.81et and most important was the 159.23 mph and new national MPH record. The big question was could he back up the record to make it official and run within the 1% per NHRDA rules.

1st round action Vollmer had Pat " Big Twin" Liskey sitting in the left hand lane and these guys have locked horns several times over the years but Liskey was fighting tranny issues and could not get his turbo's to light. Vollmer on the other hand had no issues and blasted down the track running 9.03et at 159.38 mph that would break his current record of 157.93 mph. In the finals Jarid would meet up with Matt Kubik from Newkirk, Oklahoma and even though Kubik would run his best time of the day 9.89et at 140.87 it was no match for the record holder Vollmer as he ran a 9.16et at 157.93 mph.

Congrats to Jarid and Team Bully Dog!

Ryan "The Hard Way" Milliken
Super Street - Champion

When Milliken is not driving the Pro Stock Dirty Max truck he likes to jump into his Super Street truck named BuckWheat and make some 9 second passes in the 7000 lb truck. I know we keep talking about elevation but you could not believe how many trucks could not spool up their turbo's and get a good launch. Ryan was not one of those guys as he does his own tuning and ran a clean 9.81et to make him the number 2 qualifier as Wade Minter ran a crazy 9.45et at 147.97 mph. "Hard Way" Milliken took a little breath when he found out that Minter hurt his engine in qualifying and would not make the call for eliminations. So he then turned his focus on the rest of the field and took out the former national record holder Shawn Ellerton in the semi finals and that put him directly inline with Andrea Coddens and Team Max'D Out in the finals. Ryan cut the better light and that was all it took as he ran a 9.82et at 142.97 mph to Coddens 10.90et at 133.50 mph

Congrats to Ryan and Team Hard Way!

Ryan "The Moose" Dubois
BD Power Super Diesel - Champion

Dubois made the long drive from Boise Idaho with one thing in mind and that was to win Diesels on the Mountain. Ryan started off the 2014 season with a win at Bakersfield and was currently sitting in the 3rd spot for points and he knows a win at Bandimere would put him at the top of the pack in Super Diesel points chase. The Moose made it look easy as he worked his way thru eliminations by cutting good lights and keeping it close to the 11.90 index. In the finals Ryan was matched up against the local favorite Jason Patten from Greeley, Colorado and it was a Dodge versus Dodge match up in the finals and even though Jason ran the better ET he was way late at the lights as Ryan had the better reaction time and easily took the win and more importantly took back the lead in National points chase.

Congrats to Ryan "The Moose" Dubois and Team Big Twins!

Arik Frost
Strictly Diesel Sportsman - Champion

Arik Frost a local racer from Alma, Colorado is no stranger to the elevation at Bandimere Speedway as he frequently takes his truck down the strip. However Arik is not used to having over 50 competitors in the same category that are all fighting for money and bragging rights of being ATS Diesels on the Mountain Champion. When bracket racing, there are two key things you need to do and one of them is to have a good reaction time and the other is to run close to your dial time and Arik did a tremendous job on both of them as he easily eliminated every competitor he came up against. In the finals he was matched up against Ryan "The Moose" Dubois who just won the Super Diesel class and Arik knew he better bring his A game as Ryan is no slouch at the tree. Frost had the better reaction time of .071 to Dubois .082 and that was all Arik needed as he ran 12.69et on his 12.46et dial time to take his 1st ever NHRDA win.

Congrats to Arik Frost!

Ken Jones
Super Stock Diesel - Champion

Ken Jones, owner and driver of the Wild Diesel Performance Super Stock pulling truck, made the drive from West Haven, Utah to make his 1st NHRDA pull of the 2014 season. Jones was out checking the track conditions when a huge thunderstorm rolled in and decided to drop a 1/2 inch of rain in about 30 minutes. The NHRDA track crew was working like crazy to get the track back into shape so the pull did not get cancelled and at the same time Jones knew he would have to take some power away from his 2500hp engine as the track would not be able to hold the power. Ken made the right decision and won the Super Stock class by pulling a distance of 236.50 feet.

Congrats Ken Jones and Team Wild Diesel!

Tom Hansen
3.0 Class - Champion

Tom Hansen started off 2014 by winning the season opener at Bakersfield, California and then a 2nd place finish in Texas. As Tom made the driver over from Utah he was sitting just 2 points behind the National points leader Joshua Deeter and since Joshua was from Pennsylvania, Tom was pretty confident he would not show up to Denver. Tom also took note on the rain and track conditions and made some last minute changes to give his 05 Dodge the winning pull. Hansen made all the right choices as he pulled 238.10 feet and put 4 feet on his nearest competitor Dan Clarke from Marengo Illinois.

Tom also has taken over the National Points lead and the biggest question is Tom going to Indy where we are pretty sure Deeter is going to be?

Congrats to Tom Hansen and Team Industrial Injection!

Jared Patterson
2.6 Class - Champion

Jarid Patterson reached into the 2.6 draw bucket and pulled out the number 5 position for the lineup. Jared was glad he was in the 5th position so he could watch his competitors and how the track was holding. The first 4 pullers did ok but now it was Jareds turn and the only thing that stopped him was the cattle guard at the end of the track. Then Dan Clarke, Colter Hess, Todd Coope and Weylin Richards all did the same thing so they all had to do a pull off. Patterson was first up in the Pull Off and that is all he needed as he yanked the sled 236.11 and beat out Dan Clarke by 11 inches.

Congrats to Jared Patterson!

Big Fred Butler
Burnout Contest - Champion

Big Fred Butler won his 1st NHRDA burnout contest back in 2011 at Speedworld Dragstrip and since then he has never lost a competition he has entered so we were not surprised when the crowd erupted at the conclusion of Big Fred's burnout and air horn demonstration.

Congrats to Big Fred Butler!

Tyler Booth
Show N Shine - Winner

Tyler Booth from Brush Colorado drove his beautiful 2012 Ford F-350 to the ATS Diesel on the Mountain and this daily driven 21mpg King Ranch won the crowd over as they yelled and cheered for Tyler and he is our Show n Shine Champion.

Congrats Tyler Booth!


You are in luck as you can still watch all the action on Diesel TV. All you have to do is click on the Diesel TV image and start watching the the live feed we recorded for your viewing pleasure.

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