NHRDA MidWest Truckin Nationals

Gateway Motorsports Park! 2014 MBRP Diesel Drag Racing Series

The Inaugural MidWest Truckin Nationals took place this weekend at Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison Illinois. Once again mother nature wanted to play games with us by having thunderstorms and rain most of the week, which in turn played havoc on the sled pull track. But once again luck was on our side as the skies cleared up and by Saturday morning we were ready to have a great day at the track. Saturday morning we started qualifying and after 1st round everyone knew that Jared Jones in the Scheids Diesel dragster had made some new changes over the winter and was fully capable of setting a new Top Diesel record.

Jared Jones
Top Diesel - Champion

The Scheid Team pulled into the pits on Friday afternoon and after a quick conversation with Jared Jones (the driver of the Scheids dragster) stated they had made several changes over the winter including picking up some more horsepower. The 1st round of qualifying Jared rattled the tires off the starting line and had to get out of the throttle. 2nd round Jared eased the dragster off the line and then laid down the hammer and ran 6.94et at 217.53mph to set a new MPH record but he would have to back it up in the finals. On the other side of the ladder Jeff Dean was fighting his gremlin that had plagued him all last year ,and he thought it was fixed over the winter but that was not the case and in the finals Jeff's motor shut off as he rolled into the beams and in turn confused Jared as it set the tree into auto start and just when Jared was going to come off of boost the tree went green and Jared did his best to get down the track for the win but did not get to back up his record. But we have no doubt that Jared will set a new top diesel record very very soon.

Congrats to Jared Jones and team Scheids!

Ryan "The Hard Way" Milliken
Pro Stock - Champion

Ryan "The Hard Way" Milliken has not only driven his truck and trailer to the first 4 events which include Bakersfield CA, Ennis TX, Valdosta GA and Madison IL he also has double duty and competed in both the pro stock and super street classes and to our surprise he has only been home 11 days since March 22nd. So that is why we think his new nickname and business name Hard Way seemed to fit. Ryan seems to be on pace to win his 1st National Championship. In the finals Ryan was up against Jarid Vollmer who stepped up to pro stock class but Ryan easily handled Jarid and ran a 8.91et to Jarid's 9.06et.

Congrats to Ryan and Team Dirty Max !

Jarid "The Iron Man" Vollmer
Pro Street - Champion

Jarid pulled into Gateway Motorsports with a commanding 70 points lead in the pro street category and was looking to extend his points lead as he is chasing after his 3rd consecutive National Championship. Jarid would have one major obstacle to over come and that was the legendary "Orange Crush" driven by Chris Calkins was on the opposite side of the ladder but as luck have it Chris broke his truck in the final round and Jarid would take a bye run for the win and extend his points lead to 130 and looks very promising on his quest.

Jarid was also was the number one qualifier running 8.98et at 155.69et

Congrats to Jarid and Team Bully Dog!

Ryan "The Hard Way" Milliken
Super Street - Champion

Heading into the MidWest Truckin Nationals Ryan had a slim 10 points lead on Wade Minter from Texas. Both of these guys had battled at the first 3 events and have swapped the points lead 3 times. Wade did not make the trip up from Texas and after Ryan was the number #1 qualifier running a 9.96et at 138.94mph his competitor Hunter Smith broke in the finals so Ryan took his buy but then asked if he and Jarid Vollmer could do a super street / pro street grudge match and president Randy Cole said heck ya so Ryan and Jarid lined up for a crowd pleasing grudge match. Ryan weighing in just over 1500 pounds heavier cut a better light but the raw power of the Bully Dog truck was to much but we can tell you this the crowd loved it. Ryan now has a 80 point lead and looks like he might be on his way to his 1st National Championship.

Congrats to Ryan and Team Hard Way!

Carl Rude
BD Power Super Diesel - Champion

The Super Diesel final round brought us Carl Rude versus Gaylon Tarkington both trucks had been running strong all day and both had been cutting good lights. Carl figured he would step it up a bit in the finals and try to run right on the 11.90 index which in our book is a bit crazy but Carl was confident and when the lights came down Carl jumped to an early lead with a better reaction and to our amazement he ran exactly 11.90 on the 11.90 dial and took his 1st ever win at an NHRDA event.

Congrats to Carl Rude!

Trey Sikes
Strictly Diesel Sportsman - Champion

Trey Sikes who lives in North Carolina has been driving all over the country following the MBRP Diesel Drag Race Series and is also on a quest to win his 1st National Championship. Headed into the MidWest Truckin Nationals Trey already had a 100 point lead on his good friend Tyler Radewald and he seemed very focused in the morning and as we made it threw the eliminations rounds it was very apparent he was more than focused as he easily defeated anyone that came in his way except in the finals where Matt Cline put up a great fight running a 14.30 on his 14.24 dial but Trey did his job and cut the better reaction time to take the win and extend his points lead.

Congrats to Trey Sikes

Brad Deeter
Super Stock Diesel - Champion

JBrad Deeter (2013 National Points Champion) made the long trip down from Pennsylvania in his beautiful brand new Super Stock truck. The rain had made a mess of the track on friday and the track crew worked all day trying to get a track that could hold both Brad Deeter and Brad Ingrams power. Saturday both driver realized it was not a horsepower contest but a driver contest to see who could get down the less than desirable track and Brad Deeter found a couple of extra spots to get some traction on the track and he pulled 281.03 to Ingrams 267.01

Brad Deeter's win puts him in a tie with Brad Ingram for the National points chase as we head to Indy on June 13th.

Congrats to Brad Deeter

Josh Deeter
3.0 Class - Champion

Josh Deeter was 3rd in the National points chase as he drove down from Pennsylvania with his brother Brad. After surveying the track Josh new right away he would have to make some adjustments to his truck and find a good line to make his pull count for the money. Josh made a great pull of 258.05 and put 13 feet on the nearest competitor Matt Penn.

Josh also took over the National points chase by a slim margin of 2 points over current Tom Hansen and will see if he can hold off the rest of the competitors as we head to Indy.

Congrats to Josh Deeter!

Kindra Rauch
2.6 Class - Champion

The 2.6 class started off as a train wreck as the first 2 competitors could not get the sled to move as the track conditions were still less than desirable from the rain. After the officials decided to turn the track around 180 degrees to give a better starting line for the competitors it was Kindra's turn to pull and to say she was nervous and a bit scared would be an understatement but after some calm words of wisdom from her husband she was ready to go and what ever her husband told her to do it was the right decision as she tore up the dirt and pulled 265.09 to win her 1st NHRDA event.

Congrats to Kindra and the Rauch Family!

Chris Klott
Burnout Contest - Champion

Chris Klott in his 2004 Dodge pullled up to the water box and told president Randy Cole that he might as well just give him the money now as he was going to win anyway.

Chris was the last contestant to in the competition and had to beat a 97.8 to take the lead and after doing an incredible burnout the crowd went crazy and Chris won with a 103.9

Congrats Chris!

Jeff Young
Show N Shine - Winner

Jeff Young's beautiful 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 was a hands down winner in the Show n Shine competition with powder coated suspension and plenty of power under the hood to get him down the road.

Congrats Jeff!


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