The 2017 NHRDA Diesel Drag Race Series celebrated its 13th Anniversary this season. The record setting season came down to the wire at the WORLD FINALS in Texas where both 2017 National Points Champs AND 2017 World Finals Champions were crowned.

National & World Champions

2017 World Champions
World Champion, Top-DieselJared Jones2017   
World Champion, Pro-StockJarid Vollmer2017   
World Champion, Pro-StreetDustin Jackson2017   
World Champion, Super-StreetPhillip Franklin2017   
World Champion, Super-DieselJoshua Grahmann2017   
World Champion, SportsmanRobby Bowermaster2017   
World Champion, Big Rig BracketRick Fenwick2017   
World Champion, Hot Rod Semi TruckGord Cooper2017   
World Champion, 10.90 IndexChris Perales2017   
2017 National Champions
National Champion, Top-DieselDawna Kraus2017   
National Champion, Pro-StockJarid Vollmer2017   
National Champion, Pro-StreetDustin Jackson2017   
National Champion, Super-StreetChris Buhidar2017   
National Champion, Super-DieselNate Morgan2017   
National Champion, SportsmanScott McKinstry2017   
National Champion, Big Rig BracketWes Wimmer2017   
2016 World Champions
World Champion, Top-DieselWade Moody2016   
World Champion, Pro-StockJarid Vollmer2016   
World Champion, Pro-StreetAaron Wiebe2016   
World Champion, Super-StreetChris Buhidar2016   
World Champion, Super-DieselVerlon Southwick2016   
World Champion, SportsmanLarry Brown2016   
World Champion, Big Rig BracketJim Disher2016   
World Champion, Hot Rod Semi TruckGord Cooper2016   
2016 National Champions
National Champion, Top-DieselWade Moody2016   
National Champion, Pro-StockJarid Vollmer2016   
National Champion, Pro-StreetRyan Milliken2016   
National Champion, Super-StreetChris Buhidar2016   
National Champion, 10.90 IndexChris Perales2016   
National Champion, Super-DieselVerlon Southwick2016   
National Champion, SportsmanScott McKinstry2016   
National Champion, Big Rig BracketJim Disher2016   
National Champion, Hot Rod SemiJim Disher2016   
2015 World Champions
World Champion, Top-DieselJared Jones2015   
World Champion, Pro-StockBrian Spooner2015   
World Champion, Pro-StreetJarid Vollmer2015   
World Champion, Super-StreetDaniel Pierce2015   
World Champion, Super-DieselVerlon Southwick2015   
World Champion, SportsmanTrey Sikes2015   
World Champion, Big Rig BracketJohn Yow2015   
World Champion, Hot Rod Semi TruckWayne Talkington2015   
2015 National Champions
National Champion, Top-DieselMarty Thacker2015   
National Champion, Pro-StockBrian Spooner2015   
National Champion, Pro-StreetJarid Vollmer2015   
National Champion, Super-StreetChris Buhidar2015   
National Champion, Super-DieselVerlon Southwick2015   
National Champion, SportsmanScott McKinstry2015   
2014 World Champions
World Champion, Top-DieselJohn Robinson2014   
World Champion, Pro-StockRyan Milliken2014   
World Champion, Pro-StreetBrett Deutsch2014   
World Champion, Super-StreetTyler Montgomery2014   
World Champion, Super-DieselVerlon Southwick2014   
World Champion, SportsmanRoss Dunagan2014   
2014 National Champions
National Champion, Top-DieselJared Jones2014   
National Champion, Pro-StockRyan Milliken2014   
National Champion, Pro-StreetJarid Vollmer2014   
National Champion, Super-StreetRyan Milliken2014   
National Champion, Super-DieselVerlon Southwick2014   
National Champion, SportsmanRoss Dunagan2014   
2013 World Champions
World Champion, Top-DieselJohn Robinson2013   
World Champion, Pro-StockWade Moody2013   
World Champion, Pro-StreetPhilip Palmer2013   
World Champion, Super-StreetBrian Spooner2013   
World Champion, Super-DieselWilliam Ellington2013   
World Champion, SportsmanTyler Radewald2013   
2013 National Champions
National Champion, Top-DieselJared Jones2013   
National Champion, Pro-StockWade Moody2013   
National Champion, Pro-StreetJarid Vollmer2013   
National Champion, Super-StreetPat Liskey2013   
National Champion, Super-DieselNick Adamson2013   
National Champion, SportsmanVerlon Southwick2013   
2012 World Champions
World Champion, Top-DieselMarty Thacker2012   
World Champion, Pro-StockMichael Pliska2012   
World Champion, Pro-StreetPhilip Palmer2012   
World Champion, Super-StreetRoger Smith2012   
World Champion, Super-DieselDavid Bolwar2012   
World Champion, SportsmanVerlon Southwick2012   
2012 National Champions
National Champion, Top-DieselJohn Robinson2012   
National Champion, Pro-StockGraydon Udelhoven2012   
National Champion, Pro-StreetJarid Vollmer2012   
National Champion, Super-StreetRob Coddens2012   
National Champion, Super-DieselVerlon Southwick2012   
National Champion, SportsmanVerlon Southwick2012